Looking For A Cafe In Lucena City?

If you are going to ask me what’s my favorite cafe in Lucena City, it would be Espresso De Kaldi.

Espresso De Kaldi is a small cafe located beside the gasoline station, Total.

Despite the crowded place, what I love about this cafe is the various tea options. Not all cafe here in Lucena City offers tea.

Acai Berry with Pomegranate Tea – I have always been in love with Pomegranate tea and mixing acai berry with it made it more pleasurable. I also love that they serve honey here instead of sugar!

Espresso De Kaldi

Price: Php 80
Table for: 1 (teapot)
Drink Rating: 5/5

Aglio Olio with Bacon – I actually love the overall taste of this pasta with real bacon bits but the pasta was way undercooked! I was already hungry so, I just ate it but I was not able to finish it,

Espresso de Kaldi

Price: Php 180
Table for: 1
Drink Rating: 3/5

Nachos – as simple as it may look, this one is actually a good snack while enjoying your drinks.


Price: Php 160
Table for: 2-3 persons
Drink Rating: 4/5

Though the place is small and is usually cramped even during the wee hours, I would still recommend this place.

Ambiance: 4/5
Value for Money:
Overall Rating:

I have also tried various frappuccinos and smoothies from this cafe and so, far, all their drinks were good. Aside from the drinks and pasta, they also serve waffles and pizzas.

Location: Quezon Avenue,  Lucena City
Store Hours: 10:00 am to 12:00 mn
Contact Details:
Facebook Page: 
Espresso De Kaldi

Disclaimer: We paid for our food and this review was written with an honest opinion based on our experience.

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