Lick Iced Tea: Island Mango

“The sweetest and best cultivated Philippine Mangoes in a bottle.”

We’ve known Lick Iced Tea for its green and black tea base and its use of the finest and natural ingredients. Aside from the 5 existing flavors, they have come up with a non-tea based drink that will surely capture your taste buds.

Lick Island Mango is the freshest ready-to-drink mango juice that showcases the sweetest and best-cultivated mangoes from the Philippines’ 7,107 islands. It contains natural vitamins, has no artificial colors, and no artificial sweeteners just like the other flavored iced tea.

Price: Php 158 (Megawatt Price)
Table for: 1
Drink Rating: 5/5

You can feel the mango pulp as you lick this drink ‘till the last drop! I would definitely exchange for any other mango juice drinks.

P.S. This drink is available in our favorite restaurants like Yoshimeatsu, Templo, and Megawatt.

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