Lick Iced Tea: A Healthier Dose of our Favorite Flavored Iced Tea

South Carolina Beverages Incorporated’s Lick Iced Tea was crafted by En-tea-preneurs in 2015 and released it in the market in 2017 in selected stores.

Lick Iced Tea is a locally-made (yup, it is not imported) ready-to-drink tea beverage which uses only the finest and natural ingredients in the world. They used the green and black tea for a full-bodied taste and added the Stevia plant extract to balance the bitter taste of the teas. It also does not contain artificial flavoring, artificial colors, and preservatives.

What I love more about this ready-to-drink iced tea is that they used glass-bottles instead of tetra-packs which is commonly seen in the market. Plus, it is eco-friendly since you can reuse or recycle the bottle afterwards.

A bottle of this drink (380mL) contains 130 kcal only with 50mg sodium (2% of the DV5), 32g carbohydrate (11% of the DV5) and 28g sugar.

Honestly, I’m a sucker for ready-to-drink and powdered iced tea but I stopped having it for a while now since it mostly contains just sugar and does not have any health benefits. That’s why I’m so glad that Lick came up with a drink that’s healthier (at least) than most of the iced tea beverages in the market. What made this even better is that it contains natural antioxidants since it uses natural green and black tea.

Lick Iced Tea has five different flavors (arranged in descending order according to my personal preference), Huckle Berry, Raspberry, Giant Apple Tea, Peach, and Sicilian Lemon. All of which has real teat taste and has the right balance of sweetness.

Price: Php 138* (in Templo)
Table for: 1 bottle (380mL)
Drink Rating: 5/5
*Price varies per store.


Huckleberry – mixed berries flavored iced tea. I love how they playfully named this flavor. I remembered Huckleberry Finn from the Adventures of Tom Sawyer! The owners described its taste like the purple Fox candy and it did!

Raspberry – because I’m biased when it comes to berries, this one made it to my top 2 favorites. I love how the fruity flavor of the raspberry was incorporated into this tea beverage.

Giant Apple Tea – another favorite! Who doesn’t love green apple anyway?

Peach – this flavor embodies the sweetest peach of the Southern Orchards.

Sicilian Lemon – this one was my least favorite simply because of my taste preference. This classic lemonade has hints of cooling menthol making it a perfect summer quencher!

Don’t forget to serve it chilled, and shake well before you “Lick” it!

For the list of stores where you can buy Lick Iced Tea, click here.

Nutritionist’s Corner:

  1. Green and black tea has antioxidants which appear to boost one’s overall health and resilience.
  2. Stevia is a sugar substitute/artificial sweetener which was extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana plant species.
  3. Stevia is an artificial sweetener that has no calories and is 200 times sweeter than sugar.
  4. Stevia can be used by those who have diabetes since it does not have calories, does not affect blood sugar or insulin level.
  5. The use of artificial sweeteners helps prevent dental cavities.
  6. DV means Daily Value. The Percent Daily Values reflected on their Nutrition Facts are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. If you’re a Filipino with an average height and weight, you only need about 1,200 to 1,500 kcal. Every Filipino has a different requirement so, you better consult a Nutritionist.
  7. The daily recommended sugar intake is 20g to 30g for a healthy Filipino, this is not applicable to artificial sweeteners.

Location: Legaspi Village, San Lorenzo, Makati City
Store Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Contact Number: 0917-6783191 / 0917-6348013
Facebook Page: Lick Iced Tea
Instagram: @lickicedtea

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