Every Foodie’s Travel Guide


Traveling requires a lot of research to get the most out of the place, especially when you’re going to another country. But, what most people forget is how to get the most of the food experience as well. Don’t you agree that discovering new places and trying out authentic food should go hand-in-hand?

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of traveling and eating (of course):

  1. Plan your itinerary (this means your tourist and food destinations).
  2. Search for the top foods to try in that particular place you are traveling to and choose which one of those you wanted to try (wag lahat besh, isa lang ang tyan mo, ayaw mo naman mag-tour sa restroom pagkatapos).
  3. See if that specific food fits your budget. You don’t want to be having a luxurious dinner now and eat just bread for tomorrow.
  4. Ensure that the food you want to try will not cause you any allergies. Research about it especially if it’s new to you.
  5. Search for places where the food is available and use Google maps to locate it, especially if a specific tourist spot is near that area. Through Google maps, you can save time going back and forth to places just to get food.
  6. And last but not the least, always ensure to save some space in your stomach! You don’t want to miss trying out that food you passed by which looks delicious!

If you don’t have the luxury of time to do these and feel like being adventurous, just stroll around the area and see where the locals go. Nothing beats spontaneity! Just live in the moment and enjoy every second of your travel!


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