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Teybolforwan: Le Petit Soufflé

Le Petit Soufflé means “The Little Soufflé’’ in French. It is a restaurant that caters both French and Japanese cuisine. As it name also implies, it serves a variety of soufflé dishes from main meals to desserts.
Trivia: soufflé (French: [su.fle]) is a light, fluffy baked dish made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites.

Kinoko Frites

Price: 235 php
Serving size: Good for sharing unless you want to keep it to yourself 😉
Kinoko means “specialty mushrooms” in Japanese while frites means “fries“.
Kinoko Frites is composed of the deep fried enoki (a long thin white mushroom) and oyster mushroom (one of the commonly sought wild mushrooms). It was tossed in matcha salt  and served with tonkotsu mayo.  For a non-matcha lover,  you might though that this one is not for you but I have good news for you! The matcha flavor is not strong enough to be noticed plus the tonkotsu mayo is rich and flavorful which helped enhance the flavor of the kinoko frites.

Orange Juice with Softee

Price: 170php
Serving size: Good for one but may not even be enough for you
My friend ordered this and when it was put in our table, he instantly forgot  about us and made his own world made of freshly squeezed orange juice and vanilla softee. He seems contented,  very contented indeed.

Chicken Pomodoro

Price: 350 php
Serving size: Good for one
A pasta made of fusilli,  seared chicken breast,  basil,  fresh mozarella and topped with shaved parmesan. Nothing extraordinary about this except for the bread served in a chopping board.  And we did expect noticeable chicken breast.

Squid-ink Rice

Price: 395 php
Serving size: Good for one
One of their best sellers.  Fresh seafood,  shimeji mushroom (a kind of mushroom native to East Asia) & scrambled egg on squid-ink rice.

Classic Soufflé Pancake

Price: 180 php
Serving size: Good for one
This takes 20 minutes to be cooked. Like, what?  What pancake takes that long to be cooked?  Well,  here it is! The not so classic pancake.  It’s perfectly buffed eventhough it’s thick,  moist,  smooth and creamy.  Plus it was served with creme anglaise (French for “English cream”) together with maple syrup which takes it to a different level.
Location: 3/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion, Makati
Telephone: (63 2) 503-4282 or (63 2) 718-5681
Mobile: 0917-841-8032 or 0915-399-9588
Facebook: Le Petit Souffle
Instagram: lepetitsouffleph

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