The New Magnolia Turon Dulce de Leche!

I love Magnolia Ice Cream Best of the Philippines Collection. The collection features different Pinoy favorites — Avocado Macchiato, Taro White Cheese, Tablea Yema, Mango Dark Chocolate, and Ube Keso. Now, they recently released a new flavor, the Magnolia Turon Dulce de Leche!

Oh my! Who doesn’t love turon and ice cream for merienda?

The new ice cream formulated by Magnolia comes in interesting flavor combining ice cream with the classic local merienda, turon. 

Magnolia Turon Dulce de Leche

It was sweet and crispy. The waffle bits and banana chips perfectly imitate the turon but in a yummy frozen treat. It also has a luscious dulce de leche fudge, and creamy langka (jackfruit) ice cream base made from Carabao’s milk.

Magnolia Turon Dulce de Leche

Tried it in a cup, in bread, and a la mode! Yum!

Magnolia Turon Dulce de Leche

Ice Cream in Bread

Magnolia Best of the Philippines

Whether you want your ice cream on a cone, in bread, in a cup or a la mode,  you will surely love the new Magnolia Turon Dulce de Leche.

Price: Php 250 (SRP)
Table for: 1 tub
Food Rating: 4/5

Treat yourself to a new Pinoy Favorite with a Twist!

Facebook: Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines

Disclaimer: We’re invited to try out their product but this review was written with an honest opinion.

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