Start Your Week Right By Having Lo(w)Cal Drinks!

Lo(w)cal Cafe serves locally-sourced and vegan-friendly coffee, tea, and desserts. Most of the drinks they offer are lower in calories compared to the drinks being offered by the mainstream coffee shops. Aside from that, they are also the first vegan-friendly cafe serving drinks using vegan whipped cream which has activated charcoal.

Local Cafe

At first, we thought that the whipped cream would be a bit bland but we are all wrong. We super love this rich and flavorful whipped cream! I would definitely exchange this for the regular one!

Worried about your sugar intake? Lo(w)cal cafe uses coconut sugar as their sweetener which has a lower glycemic index compared to table sugar. This means the body absorbs it slowly thus helping in maintaining the blood sugar level. However, please do note that it contains the same calories as table sugar so, you still have to watch your sugar intake most especially if you have diabetes.

For the milk, they use almond milk but you have the option to have your drink with soy milk instead.

Since I don’t usually drink coffee, I chose their Rolled Oats Cream since it does not contain any caffeine.

Ice Blended Rolled Oats Cream – this drink contains 510 calories which is actually high in contrast to their claim that their drinks are low in calories. I think it is because of the rolled oats and the whipped cream.

Anyway, even though this drink contains that much calories, it is actually filling since it contains rolled oats. My friends and I super love this drink! We highly recommend that you order this if you like rolled oats.

Rolled Oats Cream

Price: Php 145
Table for: 1 (medium)
Drink Rating: 5/5

Dark Mocha Frappe – this one has a strong espresso flavor combined with cacao nibs. Love this drink but I only took a sip since it has espresso.

Dark Mocha

Price: Php 140
Table for: 1 (medium)
Drink Rating: 5/5

Matcha Frappe – this one has a quite different taste compared to all the matcha drinks that I have tried. It has a bit bland matcha taste but it was creamy.

Matcha Frappe

Price: Php 160
Table for: 1 (medium)
Drink Rating: 2.5/5

Coco “Caramel” Frappe – my fellow blogger friend (@jamsaysyumm) told me that he likes this drink since it has that perfect espresso blend and it was not too sweet.

Coco Caramel

Price: Php 140
Table for: 1 (medium)
Drink Rating: 5/5

The drinks are all rich in flavor and we highly recommend the Ice Blended Rolled Oats Cream, Dark Mocha Frappe, and the Coco Caramel Frappe.

We’re not able to try their tea and cakes but I would definitely drop by again when I go to Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

Disclaimer: We’re invited to try their products but this review was written with an honest opinion.

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