Selecta Cornetto Disc Milk Tea

Every food now seems to have milk tea flavor from pizza to cakes and desserts. Because, why not? #MilkTeaIsLife

I have always been a fan of Selecta’s Cornetto Discs simply because it has a disc on top before the actual ice cream and it has chocolate at the bottom.

Selecta Cornetto Disc Milk Tea

Cornetto Disc Milk Tea – simply because it is Cornetto Disc, it was good just like the other disc flavors which are my favorite.

Selecta Cornetto Disc Milk Tea
They also have this cute message on top.

It indeed smells and tastes like winter melon milk tea but in an ice cream form. It doesn’t have pearls but the disc has milk chocolate cereals to imitate the pearls and it was crunchy which I really love. So glad that this one has just the right amount of sweetness.

Milk Tea Ice Cream

Price: Php 30
Table for: 1
Food Rating: 5/5

Bought this at 7/11 and surprisingly, my friend wasn’t aware of this new flavor and she loved it as well!

Running low on budget but wanted to have milk tea? Satisfy your cravings with this Cornetto Disc Milk Tea!

Disclaimer: We paid for the ice cream and this review was written with an honest opinion based on the author’s personal preference.

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