Mcdonald’s Rich Chocolate Pie

It has been a few days since Mcdonald’s launched its new line of products — Dreamy Delights.

The Dreamy Delights consists of  Chocolate Pie, Coffee McFlurry with Oreo, Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls, and Milktea McFloat with Brown Sugar Pearls. I only tried the Rich Chocolate Pie since I just asked my sister to take this out for me.

McDonald's Chocolate Pie

As expected, it was the same Pie we used to love at McDonald’s but with cocoa-flavored pie crust and dark chocolate filling. It was indeed a Rich Chocolate Pie.

Rich Chocolate Pie

Price: Php 39
Table for: 1
Food Rating: 5/5

Now we have another dessert option aside from their Sundae and McFlurry!

Facebook: McDonald’s

Available in all McDo store nationwide.

Disclaimer: We bought our food and this review was written with an honest opinion.

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