Hobing: Korean Dessert Cafe

Bingsu is a popular korean dessert made of shaved ice with sweet toppings. It is also known as the “Korean Halo-Halo” in the Philippines. 

Aside from bingsu, they also have toast bread, ttoek-bokki, rabokki, ice blended drinks, and other beverages. Because we already ate dinner, we were only able to try their bingsu.

Mango Cheesecake Bingsu

Price:  PHP 195 /regular

This Mango Cheesecake Bingsu has mangoes,  cubed cheesecake, and almonds.  For the toppings, you can choose whether you want whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. We tried it with vanilla ice cream which made it creamier.

Good points: Generous amount of fresh mangoes which was perfectly complemented by the cheesecake and it is not too sweet. 
Bad points: Loads of sugar. Little amount of almonds. 

Choco Cookie Bingsu

Price: PHP 165/regular 

Their Choco Cookie Bingsu was perfect for chocolate lovers. It has chocolate chip cookies topped with whipped cream and chocolate ice cream.  The cookies maintained its crispiness which made me enjoy it better. 

Good points: Rich chocolate flavor and crispy cookies. 
Bad points: Loads of sugar.  Too sweet for non-chocolate lover. 

Hobing is a self-service cafe where you can enjoy additional condensed milk (if you want your bingsu sweeter and milkier) for free.  They also offer free rice wine which can help aid the sweetness in your tongue. Also, if you want your bingsu with more toppings,  you can add injeolme, red bean, or mangoes for an additional cost.

They say when you eat a bingsu, you should mix it. I don’t like things being mixed like the Pinoy halo-halo. It made me happy when I saw their reminder on ‘how to enjoy hobing”. It says “When you are having snow ice, try not to mix ice and topping, it will be more delicious”.  All I along I thought I was weird not enjoying a bingsu mixed. 😁😁

Location: 3/F,  BGC Stopover Pavillion,  Rizal Drive cor. 31st Street. Bonifacio Global City,  Taguig City
Contact Number: 0929-1091-484
Facebook: Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe
Instagram: @hobingkoreandessertcafe

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