Goto and Mami at Friendly Mami House

This is where the delicious food is coming from.

Price: 50 php
Serving size: Good for one

Friendly Mami House is a popular “goto and mami” place in San Pablo,  Laguna. If you want to taste the local flavor of real goto and mami,  you should definitely try it here.

The place is a small carinderia where you’re not sure if the food they serve is sanitary BUT I assure you,  it is something to die for.


At first,  I thought their goto is something like “lugaw” or congee with beef tripe but I got it wrong.  Their goto is just plain beef tripe with broth BUT the taste was definitely delicious with its rich thick sauce.


The mami is similar to the goto with the addition of mami noodles. You can add calamansi,  pepper or chili pepper depending on your preference. You can also order bread or rice to go with your meal. And they also offer different foods but I didn’t get the chance to try it.

Truly enough, this is one proof of the Philippines’ rich culinary culture.

Location: Along Maharlika Highway, San Pablo, Laguna just beside Mercury Drug Store

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