Doughology: Edible Cookie Dough

Ever baked cookies but can’t wait for it to be cooked in the oven so, you have decided to lick some of the cookie dough. You know it is not safe to eat because it’s raw but you still did. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore because Edible Cookie Dough is now here in the Philippines!

Edible Cookie Dough is a popular dessert for Americans and now, it is time that you also try it.

It is 100% safe since they only use heat treated flour, and they don’t use egg, and chemical leavener.

It can stay in ambient temperature for one week, one month when chilled, and three months when frozen. You should keep it refrigerated once opened and consume it within two weeks.

They have 8 flavors and I was able to try the following (in descending order according to my preference):

Signature Chocolate Chip – signature base with Hershey’s chocolate chip. This one is my favorite. You can actually feel that “raw dough” texture in every spoon, it has the right amount of sweetness, and has a generous amount of chocolate chips.

Food Rating: 5/5

Dough Chocolate Madness – chocolate base with Hershey’s white and milk chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce. This one is the sweetest and I love its quality.

Food Rating: 5/5

Oreo Ready For It – cookies and cream base with oreos. I just wish it has more oreos.

Food Rating: 4/5

Matcha Dough’ng – matcha base with Hershey’s white chocolate chip, and matcha Kitkat. I am not really a fan of matcha but this one is fairly good with just the right amount of sweetness.

Food Rating: 4/5

Hot Dough – a weirDOUGH made with chilimon base, and Hershey’s chocolate chip. The “hotness” of this dough is the same with the spicy chocolates I have tried.

Food Rating: 3.5/5

It is natural that the cookie dough becomes hard once you have refrigerated it because of the presence of butter. When that happens, let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes at room temperature before digging in and make sure to mix it for full satisfaction.

They also have Commandough which is a plain cookie dough. Unicorn Poopy Dough which is a mix of signature base, sprinkles and mallows. Nut Your Ordinary Dough, peanut butter base, peanuts, caramel candy, and caramel sauce.

Their cookie doughs have two sizes – microdough and nanodough with 200g and 100g which you can get for Php 185 and Php 109, respectively. You can also have their nanodough in a box of 3 which costs Php 300.

They have an ongoing campaign, that is called “I had Cookie Dough”. They want everyone to experience and enjoy cookie doughs and remove the stigma that eating cookie dough is bad for you.

Ditch the oven, just grab a spoon and dig in!

Dietitian’s Corner:
1. Salmonella infection is a common bacterial disease caused by eating food that has been contaminated by feces.
2. Salmonella bacteria live in the intestines of birds and other animals.
3. Cooking food thoroughly may reduce the risk of salmonella infection.
4. The cookie does not contain raw eggs which eliminate the risk for salmonella infection.
5. Escherichia coli or also known as E.coli is a type of bacteria which can be found in contaminated raw flour.
6. Heating of the flour kills E.coli bacteria which make cookie doughs are safe to eat.

For orders, you can contact them in the following social media accounts:
Facebook Page: Doughology Co.
Instagram: @doughologyco

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