Dazel’s Melting Cloud is our New Favorite Cake!

If you have been reading my blogs, you may have read about a cake described as one of Grand Cafe 1919’s staff as “parang brazo de mercedes” which turned out to be not. Thus, making me crave for the real deal!

My friend introduced Dazel’s Melting Cloud to me and described it as sweet since it has dulce de leche at the bottom. I decided to order one since I will be coming home for the holidays. Unfortunately, he did not told me that it was made with Brazo de Mercedes.

He showed me some photos of it that I think did not justify how delicious this cake was. Haha. I ordered only one (small) since I thought it would be enough for four people. But OMG! I almost finished half of it in just a matter of seconds!

Dazel's Melting Cloud

The cake was indeed sweet, can be too sweet for some but it was heaven on earth for me (or made me feel on the cloud rather).

Let me describe the cake to you appropriately. It has a meringue base (brazo de mercedes) that melts in your mouth topped with buko (coconut meat) and cheese, lots of it while the bottom part was made with a thick layer of dulce de leche. Uggghhh! It was like eating Brazo de Mercedes and leche flan in one!

Dazel's Melting Cloud

The thick dulce de leche layer at the bottom made this cake too sweet (if you would eat half of it. LOL). I would have preferred that it has more Brazo de Mercedes and less dulce de leche. If they would do it, I can definitely finish it alone in one sitting. No kidding. Having that being said, this is still one of the best cakes I ever had.

I already ordered two more after finishing this one. They actually have a bigger size but it wasn’t available since I ordered it too late now.

Melting Cloud

Price: Php 130
Table for: 1 (6 dm)
Food Rating: 5/5

Add into that its affordability. You can definitely enjoy this even if you are nearing your petsa de peligro days.

Facebook: Dazel’s Cakes and Confections
Contact No.: 0942-377-8821

If ever you are going to Lucena City or any of its nearby towns, make sure to check them out and order beforehand since they only make their cakes as ordered. Order at least two days before and enjoy!

Disclaimer: We paid for this cake and this review was written with an honest opinion.

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