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Kanin Club

Kanin Club serves traditional Filipino dishes with a twist.

This restaurant took the saying “kanin pa lang, ulam na” LITERALLY and to a different level that only a few was capable to think of. Some people would think that their take on the food is crazy and can’t be possibly good. Well, we all thought it wrong.

As their name implies, they serve a wide variety of rice dishes with different twists.

Seeing the menu, I think it is perfect for your balikbayan family and friends. Foreigners alike should also try this so that they can indulge in the rich taste of Filipino cuisine. Aside from the menu, the interior of the restaurant is also old fashioned with colored glass panes and big windows just like the old houses.

This restaurant is a personal favorite because they serve my beloved dish,  sinigang (tamarind based dish).Filipinos usually love their sinigang sour and Kanin Club won’t fail to give you that “kilig feeling” you get when you eat sinigang. And ohh, I wasn’t actually talking about the dish sinigang. I was talking about their famous “Sinangag na Sinigang” (fried rice sinigang).

Sinangag na Sinigang

Price: 250 php
Serving size: Good for 2 to 3

The number 1 best-selling rice dish. At first I was thinking, what is sinigang without its soup? Well, here it is! Loaded with crunchy vegetable tempura, pork liempo and finger chili. A dry sinigang that you can actually eat alone, no need for another dish! But who can resist when you saw their menu?

Binagoong Rice
Bagoong Rice

Price: 165 php
Serving size: Good for 2 to 3

Another best-selling rice is the bagoong rice, a fried rice mixed with salted and fermented shrimps. This one acquired the strong flavor of real bagoong  but doesn’t smell as pungent as the real one.

As Filipinos love dipping green mangoes in bagoong, they recommend pairing this with their Thai Green Salad, a combination of green mangoes, onions, cilantro and peanuts with sweet-salty mix.

If you can just order tomatoes and salted eggs and have the food eaten using your bare hands, you’re really in for a real Filipino dish experience.

Besides that Thai Green Salad, you can also pair this with their famous kare-kare. Kare-kare is usually eaten with bagoong as a dip to give it a fuller taste. To give it another version, try the kare-kare together with the bagoong rice.


Price: 400 php
Serving size: Good for 2 to 3

Their kare-kare is made of the traditionally used ox tripe, pork leg, vegetables, peanut and annato sauce. It has generous amounts of fresh and crispy vegetables. Just like how vegetables should be cooked to preserve its nutrients. The sauce is flavorful as it is and the meat was tenderly cooked. They also serve seafood kare-kare which is equally delectable.

Crispy Dinuguan
Crispy Dinuguan

Price: 290 php
Serving size: Good for 2

Dinuguan or pork blood stew is mainly comprised of pork meat and pork blood. Sounds gross? Well, they claim that this dish had proven to convince non-dinuguan eaters to like the dish. And yes, I got convinced. The only scary thing about eating dinuguan anywhere is that you are not sure whether the blood they used was clean and properly cooked. Well, at least for this one I’m sure that it was prepared in a sanitary way.

First, don’t judge the food before tasting it. The pork is crispy and crunchy as they have promised. The sauce was sour at the same time sweet because of the blood and vinegar combination. It has chili fingers on top when served but it’s not spicy unless you break that into pieces.

Green Mango Shake

You can also try their simple mango shake, may it be green or ripe.

In case you can’t still decide on what to eat, they have a few recommendations at the first page of their menu.

Food recommendations from their menu
Food recommendations from their menu

Location: Westgate Center, Commerce Avenue corner Filinvest Avenue, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone: (02) 771-1400

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